Buttons or I-Cord?

This is kind of a a knitting question, but more of a baby question.

I am finally (finally!) 5 decrease sets and a garter band from finishing the second sleeve of this baby cardigan. (So, 36 rounds) I’ve been weaving in my ends as I go, so all that is left is the front fastening.

I don’t have kids, and have never actually been around a baby much. What is easier to deal with, ties or buttons? I didn’t make buttonholes, so it would be toggle buttons and loops. Ties seem like they would get tangled up in the wash, or be fiddly, but then, trying to do up buttons on a fussy 1-yr-old… hmm.

My boss doesn’t know what she is having, which is why this is a heather gray. (I’m also trying to evoke sweatshirt hoodie) So if it is buttons, they’re going to be slapped on one side or the other. I doubt anybody involved will care.

So moms and grandmoms, which fastening would you prefer?

I’d say that ties would be very difficult on a child, because they would be playing with them. Also, they can play with the buttons on their coat (after they are done up, of course).

Good luck!

I would do buttons and loops. Any ties are not very safe with a young child.

I was thinking that ties would wrap around little fingers or a wrist pretty easily…

Or, I could go the lazy route and do NO fastening! Which leads to the question, is that too much of a pain? Do you NEED a fastener? I know it’s important to dress babies warmly, but this little one is going to be a year old in late spring - in NC that can mean temperatures in the 70s and higher.

You could just go with maybe 2 buttonholes, as an optional button-up choice. Or, if it isn’t a surprise present, ask!

Good luck!

Hi, Trish! :waving:

If you have to do a closing at all, maybe a nylon zipper, the kind that opens all the way up? Don’t know, but just thought I’d suggest it.

Ruthie :o)

I’d definitely go with the buttons and not the ties. Safer for the little one that way. But I think Ruthie’s idea is a great one too…a zipper might be the best option.

Babies chew on everything. EVERYTHING.

As long as you [I]really secure[/I] the buttons I’d go with them.

You know, I just thought of another option–what about using snaps? not difficult to install in the sweater, a breeze for the parents, and safe for the little one.

ETA: You could even use snap tape.

What about Velcro? It can be bought in strips, I think, I cut to size.

Trish, The snap idea is what I’ve gone with. Purchased a pkg. of 12 in the yarn and notions dept. for a couple of bucks at Walmart that are perfect for sweaters and hoodies. Probably need some tape sewn inside to anchor them, but the tops are a lovely mother of pearl and you just line them up where you want them and tap with a hammer. Bee-oo-ti-ful. I use them on almost all baby knit closures.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]How about using snaps instead of either buttons or Icord?
You wouldn’t have to knit anything different. You’d just be sewing the snaps in place. The outfit would close easily… no fuss, no muss!
Just a thought…
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

I’ve never seen snap tape before. Do you sew it on, and, if so, with sewing thread or yarn, and how do you keep the stitches from showing? I’m really interested in using it.