Buttonhole Sides

Can anyone tell me which side of a baby cardigan the buttonholes go on for a BOY?? Also, when they say “left” or “right” front, do they mean while I’m looking at it or from the baby’s point of view???(kwim)


This has kind of disappeared as a distinction between boys and girls tops. Maybe partly because they get passed along to each succeeding child. But for girls the buttonholes are traditionally on the right. Right or left is as you would wear the sweater or in this case, the baby’s right or left.

So it doesn’t matter?? What would u do?

Thanks again!!

I’m knitting this for a friend to give as a gift. Should I ask her or just do what I want?

I’d do what you like or default to buttonholes on the right. Almost no one remembers how this goes. I have a little cheat sheet in with my knitting stuff to remind me.

Thanks again salmonmac!!! I decided to follow the pattern and put the buttonholes on the right side, to make it easier on myself!!!

It’s not like the baby will notice!

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