Buttonhole question

The button I have is 3/4" wide, which is 3 1/2 sts wide…Should I do a 3 st buttonhole or a two st?

If it helps to know, the fabric is pretty stretchy…it’s just bamboo yarn, but I’m using size 9 needles…

Personally, I’d try both szs on your swatch and see which you prefer. Keep in mind that buttonholes stretch so you want to start out as snug as possible. If 3 is workable right away, I’d go down to 2 to ensure you’re not left with gaping holes once you’ve worked them a few times.


Awesome, thank you! :sun:

Not sure what type of bh you’re planning to do but some work up and stay tighter than others. Also, worst case, you can reduce the size of the hole by stitching the end(s) with unplied yarn or thread. (Old sweaters often have bhs that have stretched out over time and can be made smaller that way.) But that should be a last resort…not something you end up doing after a few wearings.


Ooo! That’s great to know! Thank you, Cam :mrgreen: It’s the one row buttonhole that this site teaches. And it’s just for a pair of legwarmers, so it’s not going to be terribly functional…I just don’t want them slipping out.

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