Buttonhole Band for Baby Sweater

Let me ask you all, have you ever followed a pattern for a buttonhole band only to find that it’s way too short? I just completed a baby sweater and all is fine. However, I follwed the pattern for the buttonhole band and I didn’t seem to think there was a problem. I just went to sew it to the sweater and wouldn’t you know it, it only goes 3/4 up the sweater. I have enough buttons to make it longer and add more buttons but I’m wondering if anyone ran across something like this. :thinking:

Actually I just read something on this. Before starting the band, get a piece of knicker elastic (as my mum would call it - I think its probably waist elastic) and lay it along the garment. Mark on the elastic with a marker pen where the button holes should be. Use this as your guide on making the button hole / button bands. That way it should be the right length and you’ll know where to put the holes etc

Mulene, any idea where you read about this? I’m starting to think I’m knitting waaaaay too tight. LOL

Anyway, that’s a good idea about the elastic. I’ll certainly do that next time around. This is my 2nd sweater and I’m almost done. I think in reality I’m going to end up with two more buttonholes. :doh:

I’m going to have to use the elastic thingy. I just had to undo the whole band I had so far. It’s just too far off. :frowning:

I read it on one of the email lists… either ample knitters or maybe Big Girls Knit list - I think it was Ample knitters actually…

In fact here’s the quote:

<Just passing on an idea gleaned ala Lily Chin from an appearance on
<KnittyGritty. She marked lines on a piece of elastic one inch apart.
<Stretch the elastic over your garment with the appropriate number of
<markings between your top and bottom edge. Mark your garment <and go for
<the gold. I have not tried it but as it was demonstrated I had an aha
<moment - no calculations involved.

Fun idea, I saw it in Lily’s class also. They reason I use simple
calculations, instead, is that (A) I know for certain the holes will be exactly the same

of rows apart. With the elastic you have to have the front laid out with

absolutely no “give” in any spot, otherwise it won’t be accurate. (B) I always
knit both fronts at the same time. When I knit my calculated buttonhole, I
place a 6" piece of dental floss into the matching center stitch on the other
front. Using that marker, I know exactly where to sew the button and have it on
the exact same row.

Another buttonhole hint is to use your swatch and place a buttonhole in it.
Two reasons…you can see what the selected hole will look like in your
yarn/stitch pattern…and you can put it in your purse when you go hunting for
the proper button. You can slip it into your swatch hole and make certain
it’s the right size.