Buttonhole Bag

I have a 2 week long blog entry to edit and complete - but in the meantime I was so excited I HAD to post. :smiley:



Started 12/14, finished last night. I LOVE these. I could knit a million of these felted bags.

The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Bulky - Lemondrop and Limeade. LOVE the Lamb’s Pride. I did MAJOR damage after knitting with it a few rounds and bought a BUTTLOAD. :shock:

[color=grey][size=2]The Mod Squad was here - Photo Resized[/size][/color]

Pretty! Can’t wait to see it felted!

wheres the button? :thinking:

I LOVE that bag!! The colors & colorwork is fabulous :cheering: :cheering:

that is so pretty. love the colors too.

That is beautious!! wonderful job :smiley:

Thanks guys!

What’s cool about the “colorwork” (my , but that sounds official :happydance: ) is that it was an accident. It was the first time I was knitting with two strands held together. I started with just the yellow. As I cast on and saw the way the stitches were arranging themselves on the needles I was like: hhhhhheeeyyyyyyy! Well wouldjalookathat…I wonder what would happen if I…

Result? Colorwork. :cheering:

I love knitting. :heart: Nothing like unexpected rewards to make a girl’s day. :happydance:
Can you believe the dang thing took me less than 48 hours to make and I’m proscrastinating with weaving in the ends[/size]??? :shifty:

That is gorgeous. I love the colors it looks so springy reminding me of lemonade on a spring afternoon. Where is the pattern found? I can’t wait to see how it looks felted.


Oh that is so cute!!! What a great summer vacation bag!

My 8 yr old ds just walked by as I was looking at the picture…he said “Ooooh, I like that!”

I do too!!! So bright and Springy!!!

thats awesome! Way to be creative! The bag looks great! cant wait to see it felted!

What a cute bag! I can’t wait to see it felted!

Love the bag!! I knew I would love it, even before I saw it- with colors like Lemondrop and Limade, it’s gotta be cool!

I love that bag! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Where did you find the pattern?

Great bag and love the colors!!! :happydance:

Thanks so much guys. I like it too. It is very springy. My SO saw it and very slowly said…

“Er…Whatchagonnawearthatwith?” :shifty:

:roflhard: I do think I’m gonna save it for spring/summer.

And the pattern is here: http://www.masondixonknitting.com/archives/2005_01.html

Really good pattern…easyish to follow, and a good way for newbies to learn shaping as part of a project that doesn’t really depend on it being done 100% perfect to be recognizable when it’s done. I think I may have missed an decrease or two and left it, and it was no problem.

Really fun - I started another as a belated Christmas gift. :happydance: Different yarn, (some blue sky bulky that was far too thick for anything else) so it’s like a brand new experience. :shock:

Aww that made my day. :cheering: Kids always know what they’re talking about. :slight_smile:

I’m glad he could make you feel good! It is the cutest little bag! I can’t wait to make one…add that to the list of future projects!! LOL

I am wondering how this would work with two strands worsted knitted together if you didnt have the LP Bulky available…