Button source

Hi all,
I’m just finishing up my first sweater (YAY! Emerald by Amy Swenson) and I need a BIG button. I’m over in Korea, and I’ve heard rumours of a button market, which is possibly near the rumoured yarn market, which is 1.5 hours away on the overheated-motion-sickness-causing subway. Being as lazy as I am I’d rather just have something delivered directly to my door, so I need a source. It would be nice if said source also had some yummy yarn that I would ‘have’ to add to the order to make it worth the shipping. :wink:

Does anyone have any recommendations?

i couldn’t find a big button I liked when did my sweater and so I knit one and kind of knotted it…turned out great!

Thanks Bethany,
I had thought of that and I also thought I might improvise with some of my jewely stuff but silver wouldn’t really go, and I’d be afraid of the tarnish on the copper. I’ll keep that in mind if nothing comes up. Did you make the Emerald, too? Or was it another big buttoned sweater?

It was in the Knit.1 Fall 2007 issue, Hoodie was the name. :slight_smile: It just needed a 2" button at the neck. I thought jewelry too, but it’s done in all navy and thought it would stand out too much. :slight_smile:

The Emerald is very pretty! Post FO pix!