Button holes on toddler cardi

I’m making a cardi for my nephew (who will be 2 in Jan) and the pattern, shown on a little boy, calls for the button holes to be on the right (which I’d normally think of as the ‘girl’ side). Some of the patterns I considered specifically stated to work left or right based on gender (this one doesn’t). Are the button holes sometimes placed for ease of whoever is doing the buttoning (seeing as the child won’t be doing it)?


I have no idea but certainly I would have never thought of a pattern as being gender oriented in this manner.

Funny little tidbit…the reason women’s buttons were on the right side of a garment was because they used to need assistance buttoning up the hundreds of buttons on their clothing, and it’s easier for the helper to button the buttons from the right side of the garment…so it would actually probably be easier for the mom/dad if the buttons were on the right hand side.

The reason the mens buttons were on the left, is because they usually dressed themselves and it would be easier to button from the left if you were buttoning yourself up…

Don’t remember where I heard this, but thought that it was interesting :slight_smile:

beppermee, I was already familiar with the your tidbit info and wondered about that. Also, the pattern I’m using is European so wondered if that factored in. You thought it’d be easier if buttons were on right hand side. (Which would be the opposite of what the pattern calls for. It says to place on the left, buttonholes on the right.) Confusing! :wink: Perhaps NBD. I think I’ll just do buttons on left, holes on right…just like the big guys!