Button Hole

I’m working on a sweater that has two button holes in the placket/collar. The instructions for making them is just a yo, k2tog leaving a hole for the button. This disappointed me as i was hoping to use nice big buttons for this sweater… adding my own personal touch. I’ve made button holes before using the bind off/cable cast on meathod before but only in st st. The pattern i’m knitting in is 1x1 rib. Do i need to do something different to get the button holes i want? or should i just leave it a lone and live with tiny tiny buttons… ?


If it were me I would do it and just see how it looks, I prefer big buttons too, and remember, the button sits over the buttonhole, so you won’t see it :shrug: [size=2]Often[/size]

Thanks! i’ll try to do it as if it were st st and work the pattern back in.

try the 3 row button hole… its similar but makes a bigger hole
–either side of buttonhole, work in established pattern --and for the rows before and after the YO, do the same.–

r1- (at the position for buttonhole) make a double YO (2 yarn wraps round needle), and K2tog

r2- knit (or purl) into 1 yarn over, let other YO drop (it looks a mess, but don’t worry!) (finish row in pattern)

R3- when you reach the "YO’ from previous row, KNIT INTO BUTTONHOLE, not stitch, (and let the stitch drop off needle as if you had knit into it)

it still looks a bit messy, but trust me, its ok.

(R4–work row in pattern (garter, ribbing, what ever) look at buttonhole again… Amazing! no longer a mess, but a nice neat buttonhole, not a big one, but twice the size of a Yo/k2tog style one! and not really much harder!

for other great buttonholes check out Lucy Neatby’s web page, trade winds, and find the bosun’s chest–free tutorials and ideas there, including some of the best knit buttonholes i have ever seen!

I just did cardi with large buttons (1 1/8"…pattern looked to call for smaller but I wanted bigger) and did bo/co buttonholes over rib. I did practice swatches beforehand to test for hole size, snugness. Read somewhere to run bh from P to P leaving K sts more defined and bh less obvious. Turned out great. :slight_smile:


This worked!! Thanks so much. I acutally think i did it kind of wrong but it still gave me a bigger button hole than the instructions call for and it worked nicely into the 1x1 rib.