Button hole


This is for a 1x1 ribbed border - the pattern says cast off one stitch then on the follow up row cast on one stitch. This is a cardigan for a 5 year old girl. I have attempted this before but the button holes weren’t very tidy. What is the correct way to do this? Help please - most videos are for a vertical rib I can’t find one for the horizontal rib I’m doing


For a one stitch buttonhole, you could do a simple yarn over, k2together. It’s a small buttonhole but quite neat.
In general I use this method for larger buttonholes:


I love this button hole!!! I need to go back and write it out as the demonstrator suggested, but as a visual learner, i know where to go to watch it again…:blush: I never like the “finish” of the standard method of cast on/cast off because it doesn’t look strong and you can accidentally button up in the wrong spot! I’m gonna try this method when i make my sisters cardigan! One question… if you have a 10 row border which row do you put this button hole in? Thanks for sharing…