Button-hole/stitch type question

I am learning how to make button holes on a thin wrist band I am making. It is in Garter stitch, and the video that demonstrates the button hole tech, is shown on a sample of stockinette. I am curious is the stitch you use will determine any of the following:

*If it is possible to make a button-hole, (for example in my garter wrist band)

*If the tech is different for different stitch types

*If one or another stitch type will determine the quality/strength of the button-hole.

Any other advice would be appreciated as well.
Thanks in advanced.

“If it is possible to make a button-hole in garter stitch”

Yes, buttonhole involves binding off & then casting on, regardless of the pattern.

“Is the tech different for different stitch types”-not really. But it is different if the buttonholes go up & down. Or sideways.

I Vs _______

Which buttonholes do you want to make? Crosswise or up & down?

I had thought about doing about both at one point or another. The main concern I have is I would really like to keep the width of the bracelet as consistent as possible.

The person I am making it for wants to be able to fit 2-3 buttons on it, so I’m assuming I will want to do the button holes parallel to the needle. (as to be able to pack the buttons close together without the holes making a line) I am not certain if that is considered vertical or crosswise.

Thanks for the speedy response

Okay, those are crosswise buttonholes. The slit goes this way _______.

It is best to do a sample first. Just to make sure the actual buttons fit thru the hole. Too loose & the button don’t hold. Too tight & you struggle to get the button thru. You can unravel the sample yarn & reuse it.

Here is the basic technique. Bind off a certain number of stitches. More stitches=bigger hole, less=smaller hole. Work back across the row til you reach the opening. Now you cast on the same number of stitches you bound off. At this point you have a variety of option for cast-ons. My preference for buttonholes is a crochet cast on. Because the cast on looks the same as the bind off (a chain stitch.)

I take it back, I’m most likely just going to do 1 button, and it’s going to be a vertical one.

-and yet i made it crosswise… lol