Butterfly Stitches how to

I am having trouble finding youtube videos or instructions on how to knit the butterfly stitch in the round. Does anyone have a good place to look or can they step by step me throught it. Remember it is KNIT not crochet and IN THE ROUND. Thank you so nice!

Do you have the instructions for knitting it flat? You can probably convert it for in the round.

I dont have any instructions for the butterfly stitch. Nothing sip nada

Did you google for it? Here’s a couple, they’re a little different from each other -


I think the first one is what you want. To knit in the round, make the even number rows knit instead of purl.

Yep That worked! Thank you thank you! I get so frustrated when I dont understand the directions. I just want ot knit knit knit! Thanks for taking the time to answer my post :slight_smile: