Burned my fingers!

owwwwwie!!! I just burned my middle and ring fingers on my left hand, palm side!!! taking cold medicine, so i’m a little foggy headed. moved a pot off the stove to put water in it. Set it up on the counter to fill it, slipped my hand under it to move it a little and whoops! Uhm… I forgot I’d turned the burner on under it!

:frowning: no blisters but it sure hurts! guess it’ll be a little bit before I finish knitting the washcloth for my daughter :frowning:

Sorry to hear that! Hope it feels better soon!

:pout: My biggest fear! Heal quickly!

:verysad: Hope your fingers heal quickly!

But isn’t it funny how the first thing we think of when anything happens is - “Will I still be able to knit?” :chair:

Ouch! I hope it heals quickly.

Oh no! Once when I burnt four of my fingers in a hot pot cover incident, I found that wrapping them tightly (not too tightly to cut off the circulation) that the pain went away up to about 90%. That might be enough to get you through the rest of your project! Get better soon!


LOL Thanks…I’m doing alright. My middle finger has a small blister, but neither finger hurts anymore. So I’m knitting tonight while watching DesignStar on HGTV! YAY!! Thanks for the sympathy and wishes for fast healing!

Sorry! Hope you feel better very quickly!

Ouch!! I’m glad you can still knit though!!

Ouch!! It seems like I’m always burning myself one way or another… so I can deeply sympathize with your poor burnt digits.

Glad to hear they’re healing and you can still knit!!

:hug: Hope you heal quickly. At lease you can still xxx

ouch! Hope they heal fast! I hate burns, they are sooo sore even when they don’t blister :hug:

I hate when I do that which is often :rofl: I hope they feel better soon and glad to read you can still knit… :cheering: I caught re-runs of the Star show on Sat… and wondered when it came on lol now I’ll have to wait for the re-run of that one… it was a pretty interesting show…

replays of the week are thursdays and saturdays if I’m not mistaken. you’d have to double check the website. I think my daughter and I are hooked on this one…we don’t usually watch surivor type shows. I was a little upset that they let Temple go…I would have liked to see her with a show. But I like Tym and David and Alice as well, so at this point I’m just like…let’s pick one already!!!