Bunny Blanket Bunny

I REALLY didn’t want to ask for help on this one, but I just can’t seem to find the answer and you guys are so quick to answer.

I’m stuck on rows 40-41 that say, “cast on 12 sts for paws, knit to end of row–64 sts”. From searching previous threads, I understand that both rows 40 AND 41 will have 12 stitches added and Ingrid suggested maybe adding the stitches to the end rather that the beginning of the row, but what I don’t understand is this…

Do I cast on 12 stitches on my left needle, then knit across OR do I cast on 12 stitches to my right needle, and knit the stitches that are on my left needle?

Basic, I know, but for a beginner, this “easy” pattern is tough. But I’ve learned a lot! I’ll give a full review when I finish, but so far I’ve learned to knit front and back, yarn over, and now cast on in the middle of a piece. On to decreases next!

Here’s the URL for the pattern

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I say to cast on at the end and knit across those and then cast on again at the end because casting on at the beginning and then knitting the stitches on the needle just doesn’t work.

Thank you! Ingrid to the rescue! (Insert theme music here)

Really, I appreciate your prompt response and I think I’ve made it through another “learning moment”. For those who follow in the Bunny Blanket footsteps, I used Amy’s Knitting On cast on. Tried the backwards loop, but it just didn’t give me an edge I liked.

:thinking: My own theme music. Maybe something along the lines of Mighty Mouse? :rofling:

If yours is Mighty Mouse, mine would be Hong Kong Phooey… but I’d get stuck in the filing cabinet!!!