Bumpy knitting

I’m following a pattern but my knitting looks really bumpy compared to the pattern picture. I’ve attached the pattern picture (red) and pictures of my bumpy knitting (pink). I’d appreciate any opinions or suggestions!

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Your knitting looks very good. If this is a wool yarn, blocking will smooth out the pattern stitch. I would wash and squeeze out the water either rolled in a towel or 10-15seconds on the spin cycle. Then pin out and let dry completely.
For an acrylic, washing according to the ballband instructions will probably do it although I tend to pin out to block anyway.

Wow, great! Thank you for the advice, that is a relief!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Your work is lovely. If it stays “bumpy” I’d personally consider it a nice surprise. I like the way yours looks. I expect salmonmac is right though and you’ll end up with it looking like the pattern picture.