Bumpity bump bump edges?

I’ve noticed this on my daughter’s scarf, and I’m seeing it on my entrelac swatch - it’s hard to describe where it falls on the entrelac, but with my daughter’s scarf, one side is nice and smooth on the edge, and the other side has intermittent bumps on the edge. They’re regular though, like this: o_o_o_o My other side is like this: _______ And I’m referring to sides as left and right. The edges are a stockinette border.


Does that explanation make sense? I can take new pics of my DD’s scarf if you need them. What is causing it and how can I correct it?

Are you slipping a stitch?

No…? Is that necessary for a good edge? Do you just work an extra stitch into the pattern or what?

If it’s an edge like on a scarf slipping a stitch looks very nice. I slip as if to purl with the yarn in the back, do whatever pattern and then knit the last stitch. Give it a try on a swatch and see how you like it.


This is one of the main problems for beginners, try searching for ‘uneven edges’, I imagine it’s also on one of the stickies. I love Annie Modesitt’s slipped stitch edge treatment, free on her ‘Alison’s scarf’.


OMG — I had the same problem, but didn’t know how to describe it…

I didn’t have it until I started the armholes on a tank I am attempting. Would never have thought to explain it the way you did!

But now I can use this advise to figure out what I did wrong, so I don’t do the same on the front. Hoping I can hide it with a crochet trim or something… :shrug:

With the entrelac scarf, if it’s the edges of the blocks and triangles, those will be hidden when you pick up the stitches for the next one. On the edges of the scarf, generally the instructions for those triangles pretty much take care of it and it isn’t a problem.