Bulky yarn hat pattern?

I would like to knit a hat. The yarn I have is bulky weight and is multi-colored, handspun/handdyed, so it has parts that are bulkier and parts that are thinner.

I can’t seem to find a hat pattern for bulky yarn. I kinda want something a little lacy, perhaps a few yo’s and such, but if that isn’t possible, or if another pattern is pretty, then cool.

needle size 10-15, gauge 2-4 stitches per inch over a 4" square

I have approximately 280 yards.

Any ideas?

go to knittingpatterncentral.com
LOTS of patterns
also go to lionbrandyarns.com or bernat home site… lots of patterns for bulky yarns

I tend to be an “eye baller” when it comes to hats. I have a basic adult stitch size and modify it to work for thicker yarns or head size.

I cast on 78 stitches in a worsted weight yarn, size 10 1/2 needles (it is supposed to be a size 8, but it goes much faster with the 10 1/2). If I want to rib the bottom, I cast on about 85 (I rib in multiples of 5). I knit stockinette, and decrease 6 stitches every row until hat looks finished.

I recently made myself a beautiful hat out of Lion Brand “Big” yarn. I cast on 50 stitches, and knit it on my size 13 needles (the biggest I had at the time…) in a seed stitch (Row 1, Knit 1, Purl 1, etc, Row 2, Purl 1, Knit 1). It’s in a bright lime green (my signature color :teehee: ) and I love it. So does my 3 year old, who now wants me to make her one.

As bad as it is to free hand when knitting, I have given away oodles of hats for gifts, and have never yet had one not fit the recipient.


you can probably make up a pattern, can’t you?

Assuming you want to make this hat for yourself, measure the circumphrance of you head. If you’re making it for someone else measure there head or, if you’re being sneaky, measure the width of their hand (thumb to pinkie) and times that by three.

Then make a gauge swatch and find out how many stitches you have per inch. Times that by the number of inches you need, and cast on that number.

Work round and round and round (you can do ribbing or fair isle or lance or whatever you want to do) then when you get to the length of your hand, from base of palm to tip of middle finger, you should start shaping for the top.

What you can do is pick a humber between 5 and 10 that can divide into you’re number of stiches (ex: if you have 63 stiches, maybe nine?) and then, using the nine example, you would knit seven then knit two together. Do that around, knit a row plain, then do knit six knit two together around, knit a row plain, ext ext ext.

One you start knitting two together all the way around, you can pull the yarn through the remaining stiches and applaud yourself

BTW, if my explanation makes no sence, there are tons of great books (Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot) that can give you a better no pattern hat pattern.

Hope this helps :thumbsup: