Bulky vs Worsted

Will holding two strands of worsted = bulky, or way to bulky

I need something equivalent to Eskimo Drops wool, (gotta be something that can felt…)

I can get some Patons SWS on sale, but I am not sure it will work


Sorry…it appears my question mark has crapped out on me…:blah:

I am not 100% sure but I have some wool which is a 2 and I needed a 4 so I double stranded the wool. My LYS said you can do that but you might need to go up a needle size. I did a gauge swatch but upped a needle size than the pattern called for and they were right because the swatch was the correct gauge for the pattern. So I am assuming that you will get bulky but up the needle size. As for felting I can’t answer that as I don’t felt yet.:aww:

I am using a chunky right now on a pattern that called for a worsted. It has made the size of the garment larger (which is what I wanted). I don’t know if you could use two strands of worsted to make a bulky, perhaps one of the more knowlegable knitters will be able to answer you.

When your ? craps out on you (it means you need to reboot) use the shift key and click on the symbol ^ and you will have a ? instead. This happens to me all the time.

Good luck!

Generally, you can use two strands of worsted yarn to equate a bulky weight yarn. However, you should do a gauge swatch to make sure you are achieving the proper tension the pattern calls for, especially since you are subbing it for another brand of yarn you are not familiar with.

I think since it is a felted project…I may just be ok. Even if it is super big, I just keep felting it down…right?

Way too bulky, more like super bulky. If you do 2 strands of DK, or a sport and worsted, that should get you bulkyweight.

Just a note for you: SWS felts very well but it felts very quickly. It will probably work for you used double and if the actual finished size doesn’t have to be perfect, go for it. SWS has some beautiful colours.

Awesome…the finished project in this case would be a slipper with no back…so yeah…I will try that!

SWS not only felts quickly it felts thickly even with one strand. Also make sure you go up in needle size.

I think I am going to hold on that project for a bit, I want to get this just right, and the SWS wasn’t as much of a sale as I thought it might be…

I picked up some Classic Merino something er other, not nessissarily for that project…but just cause I had $10 of free that I could use on Michaels! winks