Bulky knit hat pattern?

Bought some Arauccania Nature Wool yarn to make a hat before finding a pattern. It’s Chunky (calls for #10 needles)–multi colored–very nice, but now I need a pattern. Usually I get a pattern, then go yarn shopping. Would like something that would show off the color combo. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks for any suggestions.

here’s some generic patterns, any yarn any size
another one, knit top down.
or this site has patterns listed with needle size used. lots there might suit.
this cabled beanie is cute.

Two nice ones on my site (see my signature).
clothings --> Hats. Search for “bulk”

I call this my “No Fail” chunky/bulky hat because I’ve knit it umpteen times and it’s fast, easy, fits really well and always looks wonderful no matter what yarn I use.
Called “Hats Off to '99 Knit & braided scarf and hat” don’t let the weight of yarn fool you, it can be adjusted to suit because it’s basically 2X2 rib. I’ve never used anything but bulky yarn. Search for the website:
and click on the “projects” link - you’ll get a whole page of free patterns to look at along with this hat pattern.
Hope this helps.