Bulky cotton baby blanket yarn?

A friend wants to pay me to knit a baby blanket for her. I sent her to get some Encore Chunky, but the LYS owner told her “absolutely not” and gave her this DK wt acryllic nylon stuff. Dont know who she thought SHE was… :rollseyes:

Now she has decided that she doesnt want any wool…says her whole family is allergic. (who puts naked babies directly in their blankets, anyway??)

Im chargin her by the hour, so I definitely want a bulky yarn. And, we both prefer some kind of natural fiber. Cotton BLEND would be okay…

Ive done some searching on Yarndex…Im not really sure what to get.


I’m making my baby blanket out of a Bernat’s Cotton Tots and I like it a lot - it is worsted - and 100% cotton. Could you use a double strand (or does the pattern not match up for that?

KnitPicks has Spinnaker 100% Pima cotton - that is super bulky - but again it might not work if there is a “pattern” to show through.

Sorry I can’t be more help - I agree with you on the YS owner - why would she send her home with DK when you were looking for Bulky - you’d need what 4 strands of DK to make bulky??


I saw this browsing this Cascade Fixation Bulky other day, looks pretty durn cheap too, but I don’t know if they would have enough left for one color. Also some people can be allergic to latex which I think might be used in elastic, but I’m not sure on that.

This one knits on US10s: http://www.knitwerx.com/yarn.aspx?id=450

I haven’t felt this, but it’s awfully purty: Cotton Twist

And of course my fave: superchunky

OOOO I like the cotton twist. Those are such pretty colors. DD told me today she wants me to knit her a blanket. geesh getting pushy after all I’ve only made 1 dishcloth. :roflhard:

Well a blanket is only a large dishcloth after all… :roflhard:

I wonder if some of those cottons are soft! I’m looking for a nice cotton for my tank for the KAL. I love the twist! :inlove:

Jul…have you (or anyone) ever knit with that Gedifra Luisa?

Blue Sky Alpacas has a very nice cotton & organic cotton. I have some in the que for a baby blanket & booties, it feels wonderful but I haven’t really knit with it yet. If you really want it bulky, you could use two strands: it’s normally 4-5 stitches per inch on 7-9.

I was thinking about the Blue Sky, too… And, I think Chix should have the color cards so I can feel it up!

Ooh. The Blue Sky Organic Cotton is super soft. I’m currently trying to make a teddy bear for a friend. (It’s going way better than I expected. I am so impressed with myself. Guess I should wait until I finish to get excited.)

[quote=“Julie”]This one knits on US10s: http://www.knitwerx.com/yarn.aspx?id=450

I haven’t felt this, but it’s awfully purty: Cotton Twist

I thought this one was pretty too… and i bought it (havent started what i intended to start w/it yet and who can even REMEMBER what i initially wanted to knitwitit) but… it is VERY soft & very plyable… definately yummy… dont know that i’d call it bulky but it is very nice… and now that i think about it, it’d be really nice to do a baby blanket with

and i’m currently workin on a bb and i’m USING the encore chunky… so hmmmppppfffff to that lys owner… cause the one who sold it to me said it would be wonderful for my first bb

so there! heheh

I’ve used Cotton Tots, too & it knits quite nicely & really fast :smiley:

Which one of those did you buy, Roxtar? The Luisa or the Cotton Twist?

Maybe Ill stop at Joanns and feel me up some cottontots. I guess Im just nervous about that because my denimstyle pilled so badly.

say that three times as fast as you can …
bulky cotton baby blanket
bulky cotton baby blanket
bulky cotton baby blanket

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Blue SKy Organic Cotton is the softest thing that I have ever felt! You should definitely see if your LYS has some so that you can touch it, because you will be in love. It’s a heavy worsted. :slight_smile: