Buffalo yarn

Ripley’s Believe it or not has a gal from Oklahoma on right now that spins her own yarn from her very own buffalo. She’s got some cute stuff! A trench coat, Scarves & hat and she had some models wearing a couple of her bikinis and one put it through a “pool” test and it supposedly “hugged” her body. :thinking: Do ya think that stuff would smell? Seems to me it would awfully bad…

The more I think about it, I suppose the smell would eventually wash out… and the indians used them for coats… Heck, I’ve never even been close to one in real life so I guess they could smell pretty for all I know.

Interesting!! I’m sure you could wash it just like wool. Sheep don’t smell like roses ya know. In fact, I have some RAW unwashed fleece right now, and man does it stink. :wink: Qiviut, one of the worlds finest fibers for yarn, comes from the underbelly of a Musk Ox. An animal’s musk does NOT smell like musk perfume. (Although I guess it does to a female Musk Ox.) :roflhard:

It is rather odd, once you think :thinking: about it, where this yarn that we ADORE comes from :shock: …I choose to think that it just comes from KP or LYS directly :wink:

At least nobody is harmed in the process. Embarrassed, maybe. Having to run around naked and all. I’ve seen freshly sheared alpacas and lord, their heads look like Tootsie Pops! Think about veal! :shock:

I’ve NEVER eaten veal…I’m by no means a vegetarian; but there’s something about veal…just can’t do it!!
LOL, perhaps we should be knitting sweaters for these naked alpacas…yarn…full circle :roflhard: :roflhard:

My friend, who owns them, and I joked about making a blanket out of the fleece after she spins it. I had to remind her that the animals are from the Andes! They don’t need a blankie!

At the Fleece Fair in Greencastle, IN, this past spring, there was a vendor who had samples of Buffalo fleece, and believe it or not, it was pretty soft. I wanted to buy some, but at the time had no idea how to spin (actually I still don’t). It has sort of an odor to it, but I think it would be the same as any other natural rovings you’d pick up.

BTW, for the midwestern knitters out here - go to the Fleece Fair next spring if you’ve never been, I had tons of fun and walked away with a lot less money but beautiful yarns.

Where is the fleece fair? Does it change venues each year?

The Fleece Fair is generally in Greencastle IN, about an hour west of Indianapolis, off of I-70. I’m sure there are other fairs out there, this is just the only one I’ve been to so far. It was a lot of fun!!! Lots of vendors from around the midwest. Hand-dyed merinos ( I picked up two giant hanks, one is in a knotted pile right now), all sorts of angoras, shetlands, alpaca, and buffalo rovings. And what makes it worse is knowing that mostly everyone accepts credit cards!