Buffalo Wool Sweaters

About 10 years ago, I knit my hubby and myself some Buffalo wool vests, with a totem design on the back of his and a whale design on the front and back of mine.
We hardly ever wore them because back then I thought it was wise to add a big heavy collar to them… dh was working outside at the time and I wanted his neck warm… big mistake.
So yesterday day, I decided to try to save them from a distressing future and take off the collars and add just a little rolled collar to them instead.
I learned a lot doing this.
I learned the Buffalo wool felts very easily - just from general wear… Darned hard to take the collars off but I finally managed.
Then I frogged the collars and used the wool from them to pick up and knit the rolled collars. I think they look pretty nifty.
I learned that my darning needle is too small to accommodate the wool but that I could still use it if I split the wool in half to sew in my ends.
I learned just how heavy the sweaters are while I was knitting the collars on too… oh, my aching shoulders… LOL!
I learned that recycling is a good thing and that home-knitted things are worth saving.
I learned that you pick up and knit from the right side of the garment if you want the collar to roll the right way and have a better edge where the collar meets the sweater.
I also learned that I feel so much more self-worth if I just try something instead of worrying that it won’t work and that knitting is a joy!:woohoo:
My hubby now loves his Buffalo vest and I love mine.:heart:
Today we are taking them to the dry cleaners to be cleaned.
I was surprised just how dirty they were…
p.s. I also learned that the Buffalo wool really holds it’s lanolin! My hands feel great! :teehee:

Not sure how I can post their pics. I don’t think they will really show up on my web cam and my camera takes the pics too big to be displayed here… but I’ll try to figure it out.

There’s some tips and links on resizing your pics on the Watcha Knitting portion of the forum. Its up in the sticky notes on top I think its entitled “how to post your pictures” or something like that. I would love to see pics. My son worked in Yellowstone a few years ago and he loves everything bison (a.k.a buffalo around here . . .lol) I’ve been wanting to buy some bison yarn for a while now to make him something special. Its sooooo expensive that I have been holding back though.

Would love to see pix!

What a great post! I always try to keep a list of lessons learned on any knitting or crocheting project I’ve got going. Learning new stuff is part of the satisfaction of making the product, I think.

I wonder if it was really dirty just because the yarn came that way. I have found some yarns are really dirty when you start out with them and they need a good wash once the FO is done.

Also, how is buffalo yarn to knit with? Soft, course, yummy, scratchy??? Inquiring minds want to know!

TEMA, isn’t it fun to fix something like that? my first pair of socks needed a longer top, so undid the cast on and picked up stitches and knit several rows. unfortunately, i bound off too tightly on one of the socks and every time i wore them, was afraid the yarn would break–so after about a year of this, decided to take the plunge and undo the bind offagain– it was kinda felted too, but managed to do it, had to add more yarn to get a stretchier bind off and it is great! makes ya feel clever, hunh? linknit41

Evona - thank you for your advice about posting the pics. I will have a look and see what I can learn.:thumbsup:
Iosnana… the sweaters are at the cleaners til Tuesday but once I get them, I will post pics if I can.
Linknit - I totally agree with you. A person can get such a good feeling from ‘fixing’ something and saving it from the dump… LOL!:slight_smile:
Marria - Buffalo Wool is excellent to knit with… large wool, large needles… knits up in no time (unless you’re doing raglan sleeves… they seem to take the Earth). It’s soft and the lanolin is so good for your hands. The only problem that I found with it is it can become a bit shredded if you have to tink once too often.:teehee:
Thank you, Everyone!
TEMA:knitting: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hi All,
I finally got my Buffalo sweater/vests back from the cleaners…
So… here it is - front and back…
TEMA:woohoo: [/COLOR]

Wow! That’s just awesome. I bet it’s so cozy. :yay:

Wow! Great work :cheering: I love it.

Your vests are lovely, thank you for the photos.
I’m a bit confused by your statement that the yarn had retained its lanolin. It is my understanding that buffalo, being a hair fibre, does not contain lanolin. Was the Buffalo you used blended with unscoured wool?