Bubbly, blueberry goodness... a recipe

Hello Ladies! (and Gents)

I wanted to share this quick and easy treat I made for the DH for Fathers Day.

You need a tube of Crescent Rolls
Philly Cream Cheese
Frozen Blueberries
and Sugar

Preheat your oven to the required temp for the crescents. (Mine was 375). Mix sugar into cream cheese to taste. You need about a teaspoon of cream cheese per crescent.

Place the crescents on a baking sheet, but do not roll them.
Dollop about a teaspoon of cream cheese onto the crescent, near the short end. You may want to spread it out just a little.

Place blueberries ontop of the cream cheese and fold the corners of the crescents over. (I folded the short corners up, then the long corner is folded over them)

Sprinkle lightly with sugar and bake according to crescents.

Enjoy the bubbly blueberry goodness!

:passedout: Those look yummy!!!

They look great! licks lips

D: That looks and sounds so fantastic.

Uhm. Diet version?

Thanks beckyrhae for the fantastic idea! I just ran out to the grocery and picked up a couple of the ingredients and made them myself for my dad :slight_smile: I bake all the time, but really was not in the mood (too hot!) to make him a cake from scratch today (bad daughter!) so this was perfect! I made mine in a baking pan in layers instead of individual tarts, just because it is more convenient to transport. They smell delish!

Thank you so much for posting the pic, they looked so yummy I just had to bake them.

NakedPancakes, as to a diet version, you could use low fat cream cheese, low fat crescent rolls and Splenda :lol: I don’t know that it necessarily counts as “diet” but it would certainly be lower in fat and calories! I actually used the low fat cream cheese in mine just because it is smoother and easier to blend.

Yeah, that’s what I need, too :teehee:

Yeah, that’s what I need too :teehee:

That’s what I was thinking, too.

A friend and I actually came up with this a few days ago without actually baking anything, we were both hungry and throwing ideas around. She made them with lowfat everything… crescents, cream cheese and splenda and said it was lovely but I so do not do the diet thing. :teehee: I should… but damnit… I really really dislike Splenda

Oooh- I do this will all flavors of pie fillings, but I also have made them with just nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread) and they are sooo awesome.

For those of you doing the low fat thing, it isn’t quite as good as fatty pastries(but what is when it’s low fat compared to full fat?) until you realize how much fat you have saved…

But I love to take chopped apples (very small) mixed with cinnamon and sugar, and then add a small bit of that to a wonton wrapper, close them up and bake for 8-10 minutes… works with other fillings too…

Yum, that sounds excellent! So does the idea with nutella!

Is it mealtime yet? :shifty: