BSJ help

I’m working on my first Baby Surprise Jacket and am using the pattern in EZ’s Knitting Workshop. I’m a little confused about what follows knitting the center 90 stitches. When I’m finished with that part, I pick up the 10 stitches down the side with the right needle, correct? Then I knit the remaining stitches on the left needle? Then I turn my work, continue knitting, and do the same thing by picking up 10 stitches and then knitting to the end, right? Sorry, I’m a pretty inexperienced knitter, and the pattern can be a little vague.

If you join this Yahoo group there is a line by line directions for the pattern. I found that immensely helpful. There used to be a free one available, but they’ve taken it down.

You can also by the new better written pattern here.

There is also this.

I don’t have the pattern handy…I’m trying to remember how I did that part you are on. :think: What exactly does it say for that part?

Meg Swansen has a DVD of making the bsj. It’s thru School House Press:

I bought mine thru & used Super Saver Shipping. DVD was same price as SHPress $18.

I haven’t made one yet, but it’s on my looong list of want to knits.

When I tried to follow EZ’s directions I ended up with a st st in the jacket.

What I did was, after I finished the 90 sts, making sure I ended after knitting a ws row, I used a long circular, with the right side facing, and started at the neck edge of the jacket, put all the front sts on the needle, picked up the ten sts, put the back 90 sts, picked up the other ten sts and then back up the other front edge. Then just continue knitting back and forth as the directions state, increasing at the bottom corners.

I’ve discovered a series of videos on YouTube going through a BSJ. It’s a 7 video series (part 2 is in 2 parts). Here’s part 1. They’re interesting.