I’m working on a vest that started off with 1 x 1 ribbing, then seed stitch to 5"; however, it also said to end with a right side row. Because both sides are identical, my only clue as to which is front or back side would be the beginning “tail” of yarn. I am thinking if the tail is on the left side that would be the “right” side??? Does anyone know if this is correct. HELP, please!!!

In a reversible stitch pattern like ribbing, seed or garter, you can pick whichever side you think looks better as the RS. It may or may not be the one where your tail is on the right edge. It’s okay if it’s off a row, they’re just going to designate the next row as the WS, so you should pick a side and mark it as the RS because it might be for shaping which should be done on the same edge.

Thanks loads. It sure makes sense now that I think about it and makes life easier not having to worry about it. As you say, I will now mark the “right” side to continue. Sure hope this vest comes out the way it looks in the book.