Broken yarn

:!!!: I have bought five skeins of yarn from a local hobby supply store :!!!:
and three of the five have been broken :grrr: I just untie, or cut the knot they have put in it and start over at the beginning of the row, is this the right thing to do :shrug: OH this makes me angry very angry, very angry indeed!

I like my knots better than the ones the yarn manufacturers use. It seems to be fairly common, even expensive yarn like Noro can have lots of knots. Interestingly enough I’ve seldom found any in the cheaper acrylics.


cheeper acrylic has a different tensile strength, and the machnes can be set for that
natural fibers have varrying strengths, so can and do break
I have a buddy who runs a spinnery


If it is a natural fiber like wool or some other animal derived yarn you can do a felted or spit splice join instead of a knot. It’s easier and looks better. You can find a video on this site.

All of the yarn has been acrylic, and I thought cheep :?? but I feel better knowing it isn’t that uncommon :pout: it doesn’t make me happy, but I am sure I will live. Thank you for your help.

Well that’s surprising that it was acrylic. I don’t know how you feel but I wouldn’t buy yarn there anymore. You should at least tell them. A lot of yarn stores would take the yarn back you know, I mean 5 skeins is a bit over the top.

I think maybe I wasn’t clear…I have bought five skeins and three of them were broke…I think you might be right about not buying yarn there…Our local big box stores have nice yarn departments. I find the yarn being broken even more agrivating because my knitting buddies buy their yarn there all the time and have no problems :verysad: maybe I am just special.

It was just the brand and/or color you happened to buy. I would see about contacting the manufacturer, not the store and tell them about it. They may replace some of it for you. Sounds like it was a fluke at the manufacturers and the store isn’t responsible for it.


What brand was it? Some of the Red Heart I got had knots in them.

it is hobby lobbies yarn style frosting…uhg dropped a stitch and it was gone forever :doh:! rip it :frog: rip it good :frog: starting over is good for the soul…right?