Broken maiden on Ashford Traditional

Hi, I’m hoping I can get a little advice here, but I just bought an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel off eBay. It came yesterday, well packed (loads of cardboard and bubble wrap), but one of the maidens was snapped in transit (the one the orifice would sit in). I have managed to order a replacement kit (2 maidens with bearings), but I’m guessing the broken maiden could be removed by unscrewing it, or do I have to wiggle it out? Could I maybe hold the old one together with duct tape until the new one gets here?
I’m not sure how old the wheel is, but I don’t think it’s very old; the seller got it second hand 5 years ago. Everything else looks as it should, anyway.

Sounds like a terrific purchase.
You need advice from the spinning wheel expert, @mullerslanefarm

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Thanks! I’m probably going to abandon the tape idea and just wait, but I held the maiden together this morning with one hand, and set up the drive band to have an experimental treadle, it felt really nice so I’m still pleased it’s here. Like I said to the seller and my mum, anything can happen in transit.

Hey, been a while but I finally got round to adjusting my wheel’s tension, because I wasn’t able to spin anything before. I got some done, but I need to do some fine tuning I think. Got half a bobbin’s worth of mostly over-twisted and under-twisted yarn, but it’s progress! :smile::fireworks:

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