Broadripple Sock Cast-On?

Hey everyone,

I just finished my first pair of socks last night…a basic pattern from Cherry Tree Hill, knit with Sundara Yarn “Galaxy” sport merino on size 5 DPNs. They turned out great! Now I’m hooked, and I want to cast-on another pair, this time using a more complex pattern.

I chose Knitty’s “Broadripple” pattern, which I’m sure many of you have seen. My question is, can I use the long-tail cast on method with this sock, or not? I know that long-tail creates a knit row along with the cast-on row, so I’m afraid that this method won’t allow me to create the lovely scalloped edge on the leg of the Broadripple socks. Any ideas? Thanks!


You can use the regular cast on. The pattern will cause the edge to ripple.