Brioche stitch

I am knitting a sweater which has a two toned brioche collar knitted in the round. I have instructions for the stitch but I would like to view a tutorial using the continental method of knitting. All tutorial I have found do not use this method and for me they are just to busy. There are too many things going on at the same time.

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Check this link. I googled [I]continental knitting brioche stitch[/I] and it looks like you might find something useful there.

I did check the link out, but none of the choices really applied to me. One was showing how to knit the brioche stitch with 2 colors but it was a flat piece and no sound! One showed how to do it in the round but only with one color and again no sound. The rest of them did not use the continental method of knitting.

Why is it difficult for you to follow a video that isn’t continental? The stitches are formed the same way, no matter which hand holds the yarn.

Maybe if you could link to your pattern it would be easier to help you. I’m not really familiar with brioche stitch, never mind doing it with two colors, but other knitters here would certainly be able to help.

I knit continental but usually find videos done English style helpful.

I don’t think there is a video for that specific method and stitch. I looked a bit, too.

There are directions for the two-color brioche in the round on this site which is part of the home for all thinks brioche. Alas, they’re not big on videos but the directions are clear and may help. Perhaps in combination with the video that GG linked to?

I found one. Just typed in “Two toned Brioche stitch in the round continental method” and on youtube was a very good video showing the method. Thank you all for your responses. By the way, if you are using the continental method the American method does confuse things quite a bit, because you move the yarn all over the place, unlike the continental it just stays in place.

I knit english and don’t move my yarn all over the place. If you do ribbing you do have to move it back and forth for the knit and purl ribbing or seed stitch, but you have to in continental as well, unless you’re doing norwegian purl. Many continental knitters get the wrong idea about english knitting, it’s not as awkward as the learn how videos show, mostly because it’s slowed down a lot so you can see how the needle is inserted and the yarn wrapped. Most of us don’t knit like that at all.

I’m sorry watching knitting videos that aren’t in the Continental style is not helpful to you, it must be extremely frustrating and make thing much more difficult. I find them very helpful. Maybe you could supply the link to the video you found, I’d like to watch it. I keep working on holding the yarn in my right hand because I think it would be great to knit both ways but so far I’ve not been able to purl well that way. For using two colors I don’t think I’d really need to purl so maybe when I try that again it will be OK. I also find that if I watch one video and get something from it and then another and get something from it, I can usually manage to learn most anything.

I also knit English pretty fast w/o moving it much. It depends on how you carry/tension it I think. I’ve seen continental knitters move it around because its not tensioned like most do.

Glad you found a video that works for you. :thumbsup: