Brioche Stitch

Anyone have good picture (or link) of brioche stitch? I ordered a pattern that uses it, but I have never seen brioche stitch. I am sure I can follow the directions once they get here, but just want to see what it looks like.


Try that.

Cute pattern! But I make my tea a cup at a time so I don’t dirty another dish.

An appropriate pattern to knit during brunch… :wink:

Thanks for the info. So from the directions it is slightly different than Fisherman’s Rib (which I am using in a wrap sweater), but it looks pretty much the same to me. Any thoughts as to why I couldn’t use Fisherman’s Rib? I am making the Lace Mohair Wrap (Karabella).


I suppose if it’s worked on the same number of stitches and the gauge is the same. But I guess to be on the safe side, you might want to swatch it and check out the difference in stretchiness.