brioche stitch in the round

I would like to understand why it is difficult for me to knit a cowl on circular needle without messing up at some point in my knitting. I realize that it is the transition from a knit round to a purl round that seems to be confusing for me. I would like some clar and simple advices from an experienced knitter. Thank you.

I’m not very experienced with brioche in the round but this is a video that I find helpful. I use the marker between rounds and remember to slip one, yo before and after the marker on the start of a purl round. See just before the 3 min point.

Thank you for your reply. I will look one more time the video of the Unapologetic Knitter and will install the marker on the circular needle. At some point - maybe after 20 rounds - I became confused at each attempt I have made to knit a cowl with this stitch. I wish you a very happy New Year!

Giulietta 1

Happy 2017 to you also!
It’s unusual that you would get so far into the cowl and then have trouble. See if the marker helps and if not, come back and maybe we can figure something else out.