Brioche Honeycomb Stitch Help!


Hello all!

This is my first post to this forum, but I have been using this website to help teach me. I went to the local library a week or so ago, and I got a book on knitting stitches that looks like it was originally a magazine and was printed in France.

The stitch I’m trying to learn is the “Brioche Honeycombe Stitch”, but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding some of the directions… Here is what the book says:

Multiple of 2
[B]Row 1:[/B] K.
[B]Row 2:[/B] K.
[B]Row 3[/B] (Right side of work): K1, K1 B Repeat from *
[B]Row 4:[/B] With the right-hand needle k the sl thread of previous row with the st above it, K1
[B]Row 5:[/B] K1 B, K1
[B]Row 6:[/B] K1, k the next st with thread as row 4
Rep rows 3 - 6 inclusive.

So, my trouble lies in rows 4 and 6… I was able to watch the video on “K1 B” on this website, but I’m really having trouble understanding what row 4 and 6 are asking… I found this pattern on another site as well,, but it pretty much says the same thing, and I’m not finding better instructions anywhere else…

Can someone please help me by explaining this pattern or directing me to better instructions / video perhaps??? :frog:

Thank you so much!!! :star:


I think what they’re saying is this:

When you do the k1below, you have the stitch that [I]was[/I] on the needle now wrapped around the stitch you did knit (the one below).

Pick up that loop to knit with on this together with the stitch that’s next in line to be knit.

Does that make sense?


Hmmm… I will attempt this and see how that turns out… While I was waiting I attempted a “Diagonal Garter Stitch” swatch that I found in “Knitting beyond the edge”… I rather liked that one :mrgreen:


Alright, so either the directions Ingrid gave clicked or I had the epiphany at midnight last night, but I was finally able to get the pattern to work for me… Check it out:


What do we think? :star:


Very pretty!!


Looks like it worked, however you got there!


ooooooooooooo me likey!


i am still confused.
I watched the video and read how ingrid explains the 4th and 5th row.Both looks same to me.
Can you tell me how you did it?
Step by step ?Or do you know if there is any video explaining hoe to do it?



I have the same pattern. Ziggy maybe you can help. I’m afraid I’m lost on the “Multiples Of 2” means? I should have stayed with scarves. Can you help?


When a pattern stitch is a 'multiple of X" it means that you repeat X sts. So a multiple of 2 is that you repeat 2 sts to make the stitch pattern.


Thanks…but I maybe still confused.:shrug: :shrug: :wall:

Multiple of 2
Row 1: K.
Row 2: K.
Row 3 (Right side of work): K1, K1 B Repeat from *
Row 4: With the right-hand needle k the sl thread of previous row with the st above it, K1
Row 5: K1 B, K1
Row 6: K1, k the next st with thread as row 4
Rep rows 3 - 6 inclusive.

Would you explain more fully?

I’m new to alot of knitting terms. I’m anxious to learn more…:knitting:


The sts between the *s are the repeating ones, so there’s a ‘multiple’ of 2 sts that repeat. Row 3 is the right side and you K1, K1 B all across the row. On Row 4 you will just knit all sts, every other one will have the ‘dropped’ st from the one above it where you knit 1 below. You basically just keep repeating rows 3 and 4.


THANK YOU. You have been very helpful to clarify the pattern. If I have any other questions, I know where to come! :):wink: :woohoo:


How to apply this Stitch on Round and How to make decrease?
Pls help…


Here’s a tutorial for Honeycomb Brioche in the round. I have done the slipped stitch version of this stitch, but always in rows.