Brioche Decrease

Hello Everyone:

I just recently purchase a Brioche Cowl Pattern which was the simplest pattern for beginners. Looking it over the pattern before I begin, there is a decrease stitch that I am unsure of: The sssbrk decrease; slip, slip, slip, brioche knit all 3 stitches together through back loop – 2 sts. Is anyone familiar with Brioche and if so is there a video for this particular stitch. Any help would be greatly appreciated:slight_smile:

I like this double decrease for brioche. It’s not exactly the same as the one in your pattern but it’s a neat decrease.

If you want to try the sssbrk (why are brioche designations so complicated?), make a small swatch or use a gauge swatch to try it out. Try slipping knitwise or purlwise to see which you think looks best.

Can you give us a link to the pattern? It’s sometimes helpful to see a photo.

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Thank You

There is a Photo via Craftsy instructor Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Thanks for the photo. I love the yarn.