Brendajos and mintdee

I have plans to be in Omaha on June 16-18 to visit an friend…will you be around? I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll be getting there that Friday, sometime in the afternoon, but I think we were going to head maybe here

that late Friday afternoon because I think my friend said they aren’t open on the weekends. Maybe we could meet at String of Purls (or any other suggested location) on Saturday? My friend has never been to a LYS, but sounds intrigued. :rofling:

I’m not familiar at all with Omaha, but my friend lives on Tomahawk Boulevard.

okay i just looked on the map and it looks like she could almost seeee String of Purls from that street…(okay maybe not but she isn’t too far!) I just looked and it does appear that they have some classes that day but we could probably find a place to sit n knit there…or just fondle yarn :rofling:

i don’t think i have anything going on that weekend so i would love to meet up with you!

I have a family reunion to go to on the 10th and I am not sure if I will be back by then :thinking: If I am back I will be happy to sit and knit with you!!! :happydance:

hey do you guys know conor or the guys from the faint? saddle creek fan

:thinking: noooooooo…but i know where Saddle Creek Road is… :??

maybe thats how they got the name then. good to know. saddle creek is a record label that bright eyes and the faint share. those two bands lits up the indie world a few years ago, and they are from omaha! im a huge fan./