Breast pads for Nursing Mom

My ex boss is having a baby and I wanted to make her some nursing pads. We both live in South Texas where is in the 70s or 80s most of the year. Our summers its 90s and sometimes in the 100s. I wanted to make the nursing pads out of sock yarn instead of baby wool. Only pattern I’ve found is this one. Does anyone have suggestions for yarn and/or another pattern to use? Could I use cotton sock yarn?

Whoa… my uh [COLOR=Silver]nipples[/COLOR] were so sore so I can’t imagine having wool that tightly against my chest, but I’m not sure cotton would absorb enough. It would stay wet as well and would be very uncomfortable. :shrug:

Yeah, I don’t think cotton could absorb enough but wool would be hot and might make the extremely sensitive skin chafe :??

I have to agree with Jan. The ones I had were round and made of cotton with a batting in between. They were pretty sturdy and held up to a lot of washings.

I’m going with the others here. I can’t even imagine the thought of wool while breastfeeding. My two sweet darling babies did a number on me without the extra scratchiness of wool added in. Living in Texas myself even our winters aren’t cold enough to need wool. I used the cotton ones from the store that had batting in between the layers, they worked wonderfully and held up forever. I don’t think knitted cotton would be absorbent enough.

Here is a link to some someone else made, of wool.

They seem a little bulky to me.

Oh my gosh, I remember the pain of breastfeeding the first month. It was painful after only a day of trying it out. I didn’t know if I could stick to it with the way I felt. I wouldn’t want anything with any kind of ridge or bump, just smooth stuff. I used the store bought disposables myself, Johnson & Johnson made the best, the rest were too thin or too scratchy. I also bought the reusable kind with a nice soft satin lining and found I just didn’t like the way they felt and never used them.

Hi, I want to know what lilypadz nursing pads would be best to use as I have a 3 month old baby after I feed him up leakage left over some places which felt me embarrass in front of other. My cousin sister suggested me to look for nursing pads. I found interesting information on nursing pads but don’t know which are best washable or synthetic.

Those are silicon. They don’t absorb the milk. The milk has to do somewhere, so my guess would be that it would run down and get you wet someplace lower down. I wouldn’t get those. You want something that’s absorbant and comfortable. Something that’s maybe the consistency of cloth diaper cotton or maybe fleece. It has to be absorbent, which cotton would be. They should be washable. Don’t get square or rectangular pads. They crinkle inside the bra and the wrinkles are very noticeable through a shirt. They’re very uncomfortable. Don’t get flat pads with a slit in them. The milk will leak. You want pads that are round, one piece without slits, and fit inside the bra well. Your best place to get these would be a place that specializes in baby stuff, like Toys R Us (Babies R Us). I would recommend going to a maternity shop. They carry items like the pads and nursing bras. Nursing bras that you can open with one hand are ideal.

I think something like this would be more efficient and comfortable for you.

Since I am male I do not have direct knowledge with babies but I do know what a rough sweater can do to a bare nipple.

For knitted pads I wander if felting soft wool would do for a pad, except for the heat factor?

I know that this is not knitting, but, I saw a number of suggestions on line to making nursing pads out of cotton diapers. Cut five inch circles of diaper, stack two on top of each other and sew them together. Very absorbent, soft, and washable.

Other suggestion was to use flannel instead of diapers. I would be concerned about the flannel pattern showing through the bra and blouse. Personally, I think a combination of flannel on the inside, to make it pretty and white diaper on the outside for concealment.

I think I will go get some chocolate and more in touch with my feminine side.

Added comment: what would a diaper liner to a knit lace outer layer be like. The diaper would be soft and absorbent and the lace outer would add a bit of fancy lacy feel. I understand after nine months of carrying a baby and then the lack of sleep once the blessed child arrives that sexy feeling is not always there. Would that little bit of hidden lace help?

I used the disposable ones a long time ago and they worked fine, but those ones that were linked to by fatoldladyinpjs look really interesting! Since it sounds like you want reusable they might be perfect.

I would NOT use knit or felted ones. They aren’t absorbent enough and the fabric wouldn’t be soft enough on tender skin.

ETA… I have not tried the felted ones. I was basing my answer on my own personal sensitivity which is sensitive like a baby’s skin. YMMV

I agree about the knitted/felted ones. You would definitely want something cotton, soft, and absorbent. I didn’t like the square or rectangle ones because they crinkle and are uncomfortable. Take a good look in the mirror with them on and see how they look in your shirt. I have professional photos with myself and my girl when she was a baby. I wore a semi-translucent gauze white blouse and nursing pads in the bra. I can see the nursing pads in the photos. I’m the only one that sees it in the photos, but still it’s embarassing. See how you look before you go out in public. Will the pads have lines or is the shape visibly noticeable? If you can, you might want to wear a padded bra with them.

While the idea of DIY nursing pads is really fun and thoughtful, I don’t think sock yarn, even cotton sock yarn is the best choice. I think they are not absorbent enough to handle leaks and could also be itchy or irritating on the skin. Plus, they could lose their shape after multiple washes.

I’d still prefer store-bought nursing pads made from natural fibers like organic cotton or bamboo - they’re gentle on the skin and has better leak protection.