Breast Cancer Scarf Idea

Hi Everyone, as you can see Im new to the site and love it. My mom just won her fight with breast cancer and I would like to knit her a special scarf in celebration. This is her second battle with cancer (first time cervical) and I just want to do something special for her. She loves all things made by me, crappy or not, and Im not sure why :shrug: . It must be a mother thing :wink: . Im still kinda new at knitting, but have most of the basic stiches down and am learning how to use two different colored yarns. I was thinking purhaps something ribbed with tassels, but not sure. Anything can go.

I would love to hear idea’s from people as to what would be a cool scarf thats not too hard or new stiched or patterns. I would love to be able to knit a cancer ribben at each end, one pink, one purple, but I know Im far from doing patterns like that yet. Maybe in a couple months! Eager to hear everyones idea’s. Thanks!


Check out this site and maybe you can adjust 1 of the Awareness patterns to a scarf.

Knitty has a breast cancer issue with a fab-o scarf…here. I made Heart for a friend, and I ended up keeping it for myself. hehe. Blizzard is hairy and sheds like mad, though. The pattern is a really good intro to lace, if you’ve never done it. It was my first, and other than the k4tog, it wasn’t bad at all. There’s also a very cool pattern with boobles.

Congrats to your momma, lucky her for having such a wonderful daughter. :muah:

I’m glad to hear your mom won the fight…my aunt (who inspired me to learn to knit!) was just diagnosed and it’s not looking good–diagnosed in August, had surgery, found out it had spread to her liver and breast bone, and has already started chemo. worry Plus another aunt hasn’t been declared in remission yet, and my grandmother (first aunt’s mom) had a tiny tumor that was removed during the biopsy.

Jessica, yay for your mom!!! :cheering: It’s GREAT that you want to make something special for your mom! I’m not a really experienced knitter or anything, so what I like to do to “jazz” up a project is maybe pick out some cool yarn; it kind of helps to make up for what I’m lacking in skill! No matter what you pick, your mom will love it, not just because it’s a “mom thing”, but because you cared so much to do something so special for her. :heart: If you can afford it, maybe splurge on some cool yarn (it doesn’t have to be a pricey yarn to be nice). For some project ideas, I recommend Sally Melville’s “The Knit Stitch: The Knitting Experience, Book 1” because it’s REALLY well written and geared towards beginners (I’m just returning my copy to the library). You can browse it in the library or at a bookstore to see if the projects make sense (that’s what I do)

There’s the “Have Fun! Scarf”; it uses four different kinds of yarn
the “Minimum Scarf”; knit to be a dressier scarf in a “luscious” yarn
the “Maximum Scarf” (sorry I couldn’t find a picture for that one)
the “Shape It! Scarf” here and here. The “Shape It! Scarf” is cool because (to quote Sally Melville), “I like to wear triangular scarves, but I often have too much material at my neck and not enough at the ends. I also like to wear rectangular scarves, but I often have too many wraps around my neck and not the right amount of material in the ends. So, why not a scarf that combines the best of both…that offers a triangle with just the right coverage at the neck and with the neds just the right size?” (she recommends this project be done in a bulky weight novelty yarn, especially ribbon) This scarf also wears a bunch of cool ways, too.