Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

[SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS][I]When I saw this pattern in Crochet! Fall 2009, I knew I had to make it for my friend’s Mom, who was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer. So, I started the scarf before she had her surgery and finished it after she came home. The pattern is very well written and was so easy to follow! Sharon just loved it! What do you all think?

It’s made with Royale Fashion Crochet Thread,Size3.



Such a lovely pattern and crocheted with much love and support. It’s beautiful.

Very nice!!!

Great work. I saw where there is a pink color of thread especially for the breast cancer projects. I’m sure a certain percent of the yarn purchased goes to the research project.

Nice job Merry! How thoughtful and generous!


How very thoughtful of you and the scarf is lovely.
It’s sorta like the same idea as a prayer shawl all you good wishes for the recipient are crocheted into your work