Break yarn and rejoin to inside edge

Im working on a pair of baby leggings and have reached a part thats titled divide for foot. The pattern is as follows:
K1.P10.K1. Turn.
Work 12 rows in stock on these 12 sts. Break yarn.
Ive completed my pattern it till here.

Can someone please explainthe bit that follows.

With RS facing, rejoin yarn to inside edge of 18 sts. Using same needle pick up 9 sts from side of foot.

How do i rejoin and pick up stitches if Ive still got stitches on my needle? Ive shared an image of what my work looks like so far.

I appreciate the help.

You want to pick up the sts with the right needle at the point where the base of the 12stitch panel meets the 18sts on the right needle. It’s the large V on the right in your photo, at the end of the right hand needle.
You can use a crochet hook or dpn to do this if that’s easier than the working needle.
This is such a cute idea, baby leggings.

After staring at it for 2 hours straight trying to figure the instructions, you were a lot of help. Thanks

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