Break off yarn then cast on

I am working on baby boots and the pattern says, break off yarn and leave sts on holder then it’s say With size 2 needles cast on 18 sts [for the second half of cuff ]and k 12 how do I break off and then cast on please help

Break off is the same as cut the yarn; cast on with the yarn end just as if you were starting a new piece, which you are, though it will get attached to the first one in some way.

So it says put the first 18sts on a holder then cast on 18 more sts how do I add the second 18 sts on the needle

Put the first 18sts onto the holder and leave them aside. Now, start with a size 2 needle just the way you would if you were beginning a new project at the cast on. You can use the same kind of cast on you used earlier in the pattern. The instructions that follow will tell you how to work with the 18 newly cast on sts and then how to connect them to the rest ofthe bootie.

Do I have to cut the yarn or do I just cast on with the tail of the first 18 sts

Cut the yarn, but leave a tail long enough to weave in later.

Ok now it says join cuff halves next row [K1, p1] 9 times then [k1, p1] 9 times across on the first half of the cuff on holder. 36sts. Next row [k1, p1] to end
Rep the last row 6 times. My question is how do you add the sts on the holder

I really need help on this

I need help

To join the 2 parts of the cuff, knit the 2nd piece, then knit the sts of the first on off the holder or slip them to the needle and knit them so all the sts will be on the same needle.

I still don’t understand how to add the first cuff from the holder. Question when I add the first one on the holder can I knit the tail in the cuff so I don’t have to weave it in

You can knit the tail in, I don’t like to as it makes the sts bulky, but other people do. You might want to use it to sew up the 2 edges of the cuff, though.

You can use the stitch holder like a needle and just knit off of it, or put those sts on a needle and knit them. Either way works. You’ll have 18 sts from the cuff you’ve been knitting on the on the right needle, then 18 sts either on the left needle or the holder. Knit across them after you’ve knit the other set of stitches so they’re all on the same needle.