Break in one of the plys of yarn, what do I do?

I’m knitting along and suddenly the stitch is much smaller. I looked at the yarn and one of the 2 plys of yarn is broken. Do I break the yarn completely, cut out the bad part and start again as if with a new skein of yarn, do I try to splice it back together again or just go on? BTW, what is the best way to start a new skein…I’m working with debbie bliss alpaca silk with a 18sX24r per 4".
Thanx for your help :??

You may have to unknit back a bit, but I"d just cut the bad spot out and start again as if with a new yarn. Make sure you leave enough to weave in.

thank you so much. Any opinions on the best way to start a new skein in st. st.??

Just start knitting as you normally do. Nothing special to do at all. It will look a little loose for a row or two, but soon it will all blend in and when you weave in the ends it will be perfect!

TY! You Rock!!

:lol: Thanks! Glad I could help. :wink: