Brea Bag

Well, I’ve just finished blocking the Brea Bag I made over the summer. In four years of knitting, this is only the second thing I’ve ever blocked because I hate to do it. I know I’m supposed to, but most of the things I’ve made have been okay without it. Not this, though. I needed to block before seaming.

Here are some pictures (Sorry if the flash makes it hard to see). I did it in Cascade 220 in charcoal gray for winter, because there weren’t any good colors in the Alpaca, and I think once it’s all done it will be nice. So what if my gusset is 4" too long. :whistle: hehe.

Here’s the pattern:

That is really going to be a lovely bag!

Oh wow, that is beautiful, my mom just barely bought me some gray wool yarn, i had no idea what to do with it, now i do.
This is so nice and pretty and i can’t wait to see the final result of your efforts.
excellent work


I cannot wait to see it finished

It is going to be terrific!

Great job!! Very pretty:happydance:… I love that bag and yours reminds me that mom still has mine :teehee:

That looks wonderful. How many people are going to take a measuring tape to the gusset? Not one, so don’t worry about it.

I love that bag!

how pretty!!! please post pics when everything is all seamed up!

Aww, Shucks guys. :aww: Thanks for all the comments! It’s still drying, but I’ll be sure to post pics as soon as it’s all finished. :woot:

I think it’s a great color! It’s going to be a super bag!

that looks great! Good work!

Jessica, that’s gorgeous! Great job!

It looks great. Are you going to post again when it’s all together?! (Please?) I want to do this bag as well.

:smiley: Thanks!

I will definitely post again. I need to get a button and figure out how to do the clasp, and then I’ll post a pic of the FO! :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good :thumbsup: Love the color and can’t wait to see it together!