Brand Spanky new girl with a question

[b][color=indigo]I found a pattern on some site which may very well be this one. I have been lurking around here checking the place out for a little while. I am starting on my very first baby afghan that in general is a very easy pattern. It is all garter stitched and promises to be fairly cute. But here is the question…It requires me to switch between 3 needles and 13 needles every seven rows. Switching to the 3s isn’t hard though a little of a PITA because the loops are so big comparatively. My question though is whether or not anybody can give me a good suggestion for switching from the 3s to the 13s. The loop size is so much smaller i don’t know how i will gte the 13s through the loop.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Brenda :XX: [/color][/b]

Try to knit loosely the row before…

Kelly makes an excellent suggestion.

The other option is to use an intermdiate needle — maybe instead of going directly from a 3 to a 13, you knit one row on the 3, one on a 7 and the next on the 13. That way you won’t have to fight to get those big 'ol 13’s through a size 3 hole (not an easy task), but instead you get your 13’s through a size 7 hole.

I would think you’d get the same net effect as knitting loosely the row before you switch to 13s. but this way you’ll be more consistent with the size of your stitches on the row before.

Hope that helps!

aaaah thank you so much! I think i will go with the idea of the 7s because i still have a problem with not going too tight or too loose when i am knitting anyway…i think i would have some big ol’ weird loopy stuff going’ on if i tried to knit it more loosely…besides…it gives me a good excuse to go to my LYS today at lunch and buy a new set of needles! :wink:

Thank you for your help ladies!!