Brand new to knitting and having major questions

i’m new to kniting and i qm the baby in the family and i get made fun of @ school for knitting and being 14, it feels weird. i personally think it’s a lot of fun and wish that everyone knew how fun it was.
Do you think i should quit?

But, I need to learn the contintal way so i have less tenson in my right arm? is it possible to learn and know 2 methids of knitting?

Please help me

Also, does anyone have a pattern for a washcloth? or a um…a wristband please

:cheering: Good for you, doing something that makes you unique and special. Of course, IMHO, you shouldn’t quit! Not many teens knit, but I did a little in the dark ages when I was your age, and my daughter, 13, is learning a little bit now. I think there are teens who post in this forum, too, and I hope they’ll jump in and answer you, also.

There are patterns you might like right on this site - just click on the “free patterns” tab at the top of the page, then click on “household items” or “misc. (fun stuff)”.

My son and my daughter both like the things I knit for them - you’ll be able to make them for yourself!

I think its wonderful that you want to knit!! I also think you should keep with it… Knitting can be so helpful for stress and also at the end of the project you have something wonderful that you created. Here is a website full of free patterns that I spend alot of time at
And here is the first dishrag I did… It helped me with Yarn overs and Knit 2 together…

After you try it as a dishrag… you could try and make a baby afghan from this pattern… work it as exactly as you would for the dishrag except instead of starting to decrease at 44sts continue till you have the width you want and then start your K2togs…

I also made this for my son its a wristband/watch

Welcome to the forum and hang in there :thumbsup:

I was knitting on and off at your age–I didn’t know of anyone else who did, but when they’d hear I wore the scarf I made, they were impressed.

We do have young posters here, Jenelle comes to mind, and she’s a knitting machine! :thumbsup:

Any style that suits you is the right one for you. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and if you want to do a combination of both, and your knitting looks good, then go for it.

Go for it if you enjoy knitting! I’m 15 years older than you and I’m the only one of my friends who knits and they all think it’s weird that I do it.

If you want a good wristband pattern, go to the library and take out Stitch n’ Bitch The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller. It has a cool pattern, which I’ve used. It’s also easy to change the design to something else.

My daughter knits. She learned to crochet when she was 7. Then I taught her to knit 5 years ago, when I learned. We knit both English and Continental. DD will be 17 on Wednesday.

She asks people who tease her about knitting if they think she should quit and take up smoking or being a juvenile delinquent. :rofling:

thank you so much i will watch those videos over and over to learn the way ! :XX: :wink:


Okay, so I went through my patterns, and I found a couple of wristband patterns that you may like.

Cute wristbands(if you want them to be longer, just do stockinette stitch for a couple more rows)
Striped wristband.
Q power wristband(you can use any letter or symbol for this)
Fingerless gloves

These are just some of the basic ones that are easy to follow that I have. If you want any more, just give me a hollar. :thumbsup: And welcome to KH! :waving:

:smiley: Welcome to the Forum!!! I’m very, very impressed to hear that you are knitting @ your age, I think it’s wonderful!!! It’s also very useful in math class, I’ve heard of teachers using knitting in Algebra class for projects :wink:
There are so many cool things to knit, too, your friends will soon be asking you to make them the cool things they’ve seen you wear…or…they may ask you to teach them to knit…WTG :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

No no no!!! Don’t give up knitting just because some others think it’s weird or whatever. Nobody here thinks it’s weird! And you are most welcome with questions anytime.If you like it, go ahead and do it! You don’t have to do it publicly, although lots of us do that. We do it proudly!! Actually a lot of young people your age are learning where I live. You wouldn’t be thought odd here at all. I think there might be some jealousy showing on their part? Just keep doing what you enjoy. Nobody has to be just like the gang. The people who aren’t are usually the interesting and creative ones. Keep on talking with us all here, too. Soon you will have a stash of yarn that will be the envy of all us knitters. Good luck! Keep on :XX: ! samm whose son knits too…

Welcome to the forum and to knitting!

Of course you can learn both continental and english knitting. I had to learn conti in order to do two handed fair isle (but don’t worry about that…). :wink:

We have a 12 (almost 13) year old in our knitting group. She is a knitting fiend and can knit better than most of us (including me!). Keep going and I’m sure you’ll find some really supportive folks!

Good luck with continental!

:cheering: welcome! :cheering:

I want to learn Continental as well.

as far as the people who make fun of you, try not to let it bother you. knitting is fun and it’s not a destructive habit. you’re not hurting yourself or others, so do it if you want! :thumbsup:

[b]Hey, if you quit knitting, they’ll find something else to complain about. Just ignore them!

That’s what I’ve always done, and I’m COMPLETELY happy with my life.[/b]
Here are some patterns you’ll enjoy as a new knitter.

Easy Headband (Really cool with “suede” yarn)

Easy Wristband

Novelty Yarn Hair Scrunchie (Eyelash or Ladder yarn work great!)

Cool Knit Belt

Cell Phone Bag

Ipod Cover

Herbal Neck Wrap (great gift for teachers, parents, etc.)

Simple Bows

Tug Toy for Dogs

Kitten Blanket

Bean Bags

Easy Knit Ball

Pebble Baby Toy


Finger Puppets

Fuzzy Heart Pillows

Fun Fur Hanger Covers

Easy Beginner Hat Pattern

Fun Hat

Coffee Cup Holder

Simple Dishcloth

Christmas Tree Dishcloth

LOTS of Dishcloths!

And if you want to knit for charity, here are some cool links:

Blankets for Homeless Animals

Premature Baby Items