Brand new knitter - looking for easy earflap pattern

Hello, I am so happy to be here! I am extremely new to knitting having just mastered the knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off. I hope to have this hobby/passion for the rest of my life.

The vidoes on this website are awesome and have helped me finally figure out what the books can’t show you in regards to purling. The thumb trick is great!

I have begun making a simple green knit scarf for my dogchild, Benjamin. Yes yes, perhaps I will be a crazy knitter who makes thinsg for her dog. Time will tell.

However, my hubby wants an earflap hat for Christmas. I have done some basic searches on the internet but what I have found seems extremely difficult, i.e. knitting with dpn like 3 or 4 at a time! or knitting on the round with dpn.

Does anyone know of a good free pattern on the ‘net or in a book I can check out of the library that is for a man’s earflap hat that is just made on plain ol’ regular knitting needles?

Thanks in advance for the replies!


there’s a cute one under the free patterns here… and i also thought this one was cute… (and seemed pretty straightfoward)

ewww… there’s one on lionbrand but now you havta SIGN UP for that? (w’sup w/THAT?)

and this ones ABSOLUTELY adorable w/the pompoms (altho your dh may not be a pompom man) hehe…

good luck!

oh dear… i didnt read you completely… you dont wanna do a hat in the round, hmmm… i didnt come across any that could be done on straight needles (not dpns which btw, i havent used either)…

ok… you COULD do a regular simple skull cap & then add on the ear flaps (two triangles) by seaming them…

OR… you could try and do a hat on circular needles (try it i SWEAR its really not as difficult or as intimidating as it seems… i PROMISE)…

good luck (again) :wink:

From one new knitter to another… once you try circular needles you will never go back! I knit an earflap hat for my brother for Christmas last year. The pattern was from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (check our library). It came out really nice (patting self on back now). It is knit mostly on a circular needle with the decreases on DPNs. It may take a couple of trys to get used to the DPN, but trust me it will be worth it in the end. The earflaps were knit onto the hat by picking up stitches.


I thought about making a simple hat and adding on the ear flaps, sigh, but I figured circular needles and dpns were made for a reason. I don’t know if the hat will come out looking as good if I just attach the ear flaps at the end… Has anyone tried this before?

I have Friday off and am going to a nearby yarn store, I am so excited as (no offence) but Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics have a really bad selection of yarn, mostly all acrylic.

I must agree, your yarn store will be much more fun than Michaels and Joann’s, although these stores are great…the yarn store is divine :wink:

I will look up that book at my local library, if they don’t have it, they can request it from another library. We have a yarn shop nearby that I plan on visiting on Friday since we have the day off, I will chat them up about needles. I must be getting addicted because I am actually saying that I am looking foward to going to a yarn store but seriously considering going when I get off work today since it is all rainy and gray out, what used to be perfect bookstore weather is now making me think about yarn shops. I love this! I don’t want to become an expert, I just want to become really good and be able to make nice things for other people and a few things for myself :wink:

i bet after you chat them up about needles… they’ll be wrapping up some circulars for you! hahah! (and i say GO FOR IT) hah… good luck!

and i did a hat for my sister… adding on the ear flaps after the fact… but i didnt have a pattern & the hat came out HYSTERICAL (it was one of my first hats besides the one that came out like a beanie) hah… i havta see if i have any pics of it… haha

ok here we go, one’s the FO (haha) and the other is her REACTION to the
fo (which is PRICELESS)

oh & i’m on the right in the pointy hat SHE MADE (that could only fit an infant or someone w/a tiny heid)

hilarious, thanks for sharing the pictures!

thankfully my first project is a scarf for my dog so I don’t think (although I’m sure it’s possible) it could come out looking like anything else but a scarf. We’ll see!