Brain cramp on directions

Help! I’m an OLD knitter but have started on a new sweater and got stuck on the second front where it says “reverse all shaping as for left front”. Can someone please explain how to do this? Thanks, TeresaB

That one would stump me as well. However, I think, and remember this is just out of my head, it could mean that if you say… knit a row to the last 3 stitches then K2tog, K1… that the shaping on the other front piece would be opposite to where you would start out K1, SSt, K1, PSSO then knit the rest of the row.

This is just an example of what I am thinking the pattern writer meant. I’d have to see the pattern to know for sure.

I could also be completely wrong here, so wait for one of the experienced crew to show up and put their two cents worth in.

Thanks, I know I’ve done this in the past (many moons ago) but just am not sure. TeresaB

You would stick the shaping at the other edge. So if you BO at the beginning of the RS row, since you can’t BO at the end of it, you BO at the beginning of the WS row. Decreases can be done at the end of a row, so if the originals are done at the beg, then to ‘reverse’ them, you do it at the end.

So, would this apply as well to increases? The insts for the left front read “Cont to inc 1 st at front edge on the next 10 rows, etc., etc.” so would that be at the [U]end of the r[/U]ow for the right front? The Right Front reads: “Work as for Left Front, reversing all shaping and working decreases for neck as skp, knit to end”. I’m still a little confused here. Thanks.

The front edge is still the front edge, but it may be at the other end of the row. I think for the Left front (it’s left as you’re wearing it) the front edge would be at the end of a row, though, the armhole/side edge at the beginning.