Braided/ knotted/ knitted (?) prayer/ worry bracelet

In my book club last night, someone was talking about how their relative used a worry bracelet or prayer bracelet, when they were upset, or worried, or praying for someone. It was made from knotted or braided yarn, with a few (4-5) beads, and a braided tassel or knot. it was a physical reminder to give your worries over to G-D (or whatever you believe in)

it reminded me of one my Mom had that was made from wool yarn with wooden beads. It isn’t a rosary, really. just a bracelet size. and I seem to remember it looked braided in some parts.

I really want to make some for our group.

The closest thing I’ve found on the 'net is this:

but it is more macrame / knotty than I remember.

Any ideas out there?

I was thinking of braiding with 6 strands of wool, then bead, then knotting, then bead, then braiding, then bead, then knotting , then bead, then tassle connecting the ends.

But if there is a better idea, or you’ve seen what I mean, I’d love to hear about it! Thanks for your time, Marykz

Ahh my brother used to have a set of worry beads - he was given them by a friend at uni many years ago.

All I could find was about greek worry beads or Komboloi. Here’s a link with pics for ideas:

Oh that site is perfect! Thank you! it has so many variations and ideas. (running off to look at beads…)

Yay! Thanks!!