Braided Cable Headband?

Do you know where to find a pattern for a cabled headband? you know, the cables that look like they are braided??

Like these?

This one not a cable, but actually is braided.

Knitty’s Coronet is knit by making a cabled band first, then picking up stitches to knit the hat…you could totally use those instructions and just knit the band :thumbsup:

Knit Picks used to have a free pattern available on their website for a cabled pocket shawl and matching cable headband, but I can’t find it now (pattern # 50486). It was using their bulky weight “Sierra” yarn (70% wool, 30% alpaca, 110 yards per skein).

I did save a copy of this pattern; since it was free, I think it would be okay to pass it along. If you’re interested, pm me and I’ll e-mail you the directions for the headband. The only problem is that I don’t know how much yarn you’ll need for the headband because the yarn requirements are given for both the shawl and headband together (8 hanks total).

I saw this one at Knitty

That is exactly the kind of cable I was looking for.:thumbsup: I’m sure that will work great. Thanks:hug:

Great idea, Julie. When I made Coronet as a gift for my mother, I tried on the band part myself to see how it would look/fit just as a headband, and thought it would be great! I seriously considered keeping it :aww:, but it was for my mother! It fit well and was warm. Not as large as most winter headbands, but still very nice and stylish.