Bracing the one needle on my leg

I am very new to knitting (2 days!), and I am doing the continental method (knitting held in left hand), and I notice especially with the purl stitch, I tend to hold the needle (the left one) up and down braced on my thigh while I manipulate the right handed needle to scoop up the stitch. I figure this is not the correct way! It just gets awkward holding it and trying to do the manuvers with my fingers.

If it’s working for you and giving you the fabric you want, it’s the right way. :slight_smile:

Teehee, I should have read Lori’s thread first! She has a good thing going there! I wonder if women in the old days did it like that too?

There used to be longer needles and the knitters would trap the end of the right one generally between their arm and side. There were also holders that they could strap on with a small cup that held the back end of the needle so they could manipulate the tips easier. I tended to capture the right needle between my legs and work the left needle. I knit english and am left handed. I think most knitters develop a personal style that fits their body. If you get the desired result that’s all that matters aside from body damage from overwork.

When I first began knitting I used to brace the left hand needle on my thigh, sounds weird. But anyways they where so long that it would just rest on my thigh and it would help me to munipulate the stitches off the needle. then I started using circulars, they are so much easier, I dont use straights anymore, except DPN’s. You will find what works and is comfortable for you soon. Just have fun with it!

My husband actually cut my needles for me yesterday because they were so long! That seemed to help me. My 3rd day knitting and I am finding I like only 1 size (8) and I like the needles shorter. I was fortunate to have someone give me a ton of needles so cutting one wasnt a big deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knit English and also rest one of the needles (the right one) on my thigh. As long as you’re knitting, I don’t think it matters. :slight_smile:

That’s how I knitted for the first several months. There’s nothing wrong with it. The needles feel really awkward at first. What made me stop was when I had to use circulars for a project, then I couldn’t do that anymore!

It’ll start to feel more natural the longer you do it. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies! It does seem just easier for now. Instead of having to try and hold the needle up and manipulate it I just need to worry about manipulating the tip of it. :knitting:

Its like driving a car, when you first learn you struggle and everything feels awkward, but in time it just becomes second nature and you eventually dont even have to think about what you are doing. As everyone says just make sure youre comfortable and that you enjoy it … everything else will come with practice