Boye cords

Hi all, my motherinlaw gave me an old boye set of needles, is there anywhere i can order flexible cords for them? Here is what she gave me-

Don’t think so. Most interchangeables do not work together. You could use them for flat knitting maybe.

Your photo looks as though you have the cables that go with the needles. Are you wanting different cables or do you need to get replacements because some are missing?

yes, i have the cables, but good grief they are stiff!! was wondering if they are replaceable, i have my dreamz needles and love the cable!

I just noticed you have Denise needles for sale. Yeah, their cables and Boye’s… If they are special to you put them in a display case and admire them. They are pretty in a way. My Knitpicks cables and the ones I got from WEBs spoiled me for just about anything else.

With older Boye Needlemaster sets you have to be careful to determine if you have large screw connector or small screw connectors. There are/were adapters to go from small cable to large needles.

There is a group over on Ravelry that talks about converting to other manufactures cables or making your own.

I like the Boye needles and found that by gluing 2mm screws/bolt into the back of the needle heads they fit the Hiya Hiya cables very nicely. The HiyaHiya cables are very flexible.

I have an old set of Boyes too, and yeah, they’re stiff! I love the flexible cable of the KnitPicks Options set, and the Addi turbos, and the Denise set (even though they’re thicker, they’re very flexible!).

LongShanks, that is quite something about modifying your Boye needles to fit the Hiya Hiya!
How do the Hiya Hiya cables compare to the Knitpicks Options?

GrumpyGramma, which set from WEBS do you have? I have a bamboo set from a few years back from them, and the cables were horribly stiff. Do they have new cables on their own set, or is this another manufacturer that you bought from their store?

GrumpyGramma, which set from WEBS do you have? I have a bamboo set from a few years back from them, and the cables were horribly stiff. Do they have new cables on their own set, or is this another manufacturer that you bought from their store?

They’re the Knit Picks clones, I think the brand is Knitters Pride? The only difference is the cables are black not purple. I use the needles and cables of both brands interchangeably.

Ah yes, the Knitter’s Pride set. Same manufacturer as the Knitpicks set. It’s hard to match those cables!

I have to get sock needles for 2@time and I’m trying to decide which ones. I like the taper on the Sunstrucks but think I’d prefer metal. Decisions and dilemmas, what’s a knitter to do? LOL I wish they had a sock set of small needles, choose long cables for 2@time or short if you prefer 1@time. I’ve got 2 set of aluminum dpn for socks and it seems a reasonable way to get the circs too.

I have not used the Knitpick’s often but I find the HiyaHiya as flexible. I understand that Hiya Hiya has changed their cables, but, from what i hear the new cables are still excellent.

One nice thing about both Hyia Hyia and Boye NeedleMaster is that they go down to US size 2. I also believe that if Boye ever listens to the comments about the stiffness of their cables and change the design they would have a great product.

well, for now both the denise and boye sets are in the top drawer- hate doing that, but am so in love with my dreamz from knitters pride- yes, if they could produce a soft cable for boye- but don’t see it happening, sad really, they are missing the mark…

I bought a set of these Boye Needlemasters a few years ago. My BFF has a vintage set and uses them almost exclusively, hours per day. I liked the finish on the needles so much, plus the great colors, that I bought then on a post holiday Jo-Ann’s sale.

The only way I can use them when I need that Boye finish is to put the cables in boiling water in a dish, let them soak a while. It helps.

However, my cables are only two years old, relatively new. Maybe vintage cables are more brittle, less accommodating.

Have you tried the hot water soak?

My BFF doesn’t keep her cables coiled up in the case unless she travels. Otherwise, she keeps them suspended, hanging, with a needle tip screwed onto the end. It minimizes kink/curl.

Oh, but Boye does have some different circular needles and cords. Check out the Artisan Multiwood Interchangeable Needle Set. I think they also have some new nickel-plated needles, too.

It looks like there’s one negative review so far at Amazon, but perhaps that’s just a fluke. At any rate, maybe Boye will take note of complaints and get this set in tip-top shape. I wonder if the cords for this set, which look more slender than the old cords, will fit the needles of the Boye Needlemaster. That might be a selling point for me in the future (after these have been refined a bit more).

I bought 16" circular Boye needles, the cord is very stiff.
I’ve been meaning to put them in hot water as I’ve seen recommended. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. :blush:

You have to do that each time you use them and sometimes several times.