Boye Circular Needles

I accidentally dropped one of the needles I have been using to knit my scarf and, in the process of retrieving it I stepped on it (hey, a truck is a bit cramped ya know). The needle was bent pretty badly. I straightened it but it creased a bit.

As the new Boye circ I bought the other day is the same size I decided to knit the scarf over to the circ and try it out.

I like the feel of the circ even though it is a bit awkward for me at the moment as I am used to handling much longer needles. I can see using circs all of the time once I get used to it.

The thing is, I thought Boye was supposed to be a good brand, or am I wrong about this? The “wire” is basically thick nylon line, like a heavy fishing line or something, and it definitely has some memory to it. It doesn’t hang straight at all but has a mind of it’s own and wants to bend and curve.

Is it supposed to be like this? Somehow I thought it would be more flexible and pliant. I feel like I’m fighting with the needle as much as trying to knit.

Maybe I just have to get used to it.

The Boyes are great for beginners, but I know the cable can feel stiff. I would suggest, once you get better, to but higher quality circular needles, like Addi Turbos or KnitPicks Options

i luv my Boye straights, but i gotta tell u, i cannot stand their circular needles :-x

bought a pair of 10 1/2 circs from them and couldn’t last more than four rows on any project i tried with them. i couldn’t stand fighting with the cable. plus, its really hard to slide to stitches of from the cable to the needle sometimes. i literally had to cut my yarn to get it off one time. :wall: :grrr:

i say you just get a different needle. i’ve found it pretty much impossible to find any good ones at places like Hobby Lobby and Walmart though.

~sigh~ if they’re the only ones you have access to, though, i’ve heard that putting them in boiling water helps a little :shrug: . maybe they’ll get better with use?

Good luck :hug: (and sorry for ranting) hope they work out for you

Exactly! In my experience, even the boiling water doesn’t work, so the Boye Circulars just suck. But, if that is all you can find, that is what I would use.

I put mine in hot coffee because its hotter then my tap water Just put the cable in all the way to needle for 20 30 40 seconds and then when you take it out pull on needle ends till cool,about 20 seconds.And no it hasn’t stain my Boyes.So go order up some hot coffe and donuts and dunk your cables first and then your donuts

Exactly! In my experience, even the boiling water doesn’t work, so the Boye Circulars just suck. But, if that is all you can find, that is what I would use.[/quote]

when i tried the water, it straightened them out a little, but it was still reeally stiff and in a few minutes it just curled right back up again.

you may also want to consider ordering a few sizes of the Denise needles. Since, you’re a beginner you may have trouble with dropping stitches on the KnitPicks Options, they’re very slippery.

Thanks, that explains my experience here. I was just looking at the Knitpicks Options on their website. I think I’ll just order the kit and go from there.

I’ll keep fighting with this Boye until I can get to a store and buy a replacement for the one I bent. I’m sure it’s usable enough, I just think that the stitches will be catching on that crease I put it in. Maybe I’ll knit it back over to them and try it, this cable really is stiff.

Can anyone who has ordered from Knitpicks tell me how long it normally takes to receive the order from them? That will determine whether I have them shipped to my home in Florida or my office in Wisconsin.

we have all had varying experiences with KP. If I order using the free shipping it takes well over a week almost two weeks to get stuff to me. Whenever I have enough to qualify for the free shipping I spring for the extra $8 to get the faster shipping. It is 3 day select from UPS and I usually get it in 2 days it seems then. (I am in Nebraska btw.)

I bought a Boye circular for my first one and I ended up hating it. I bought the Denise Interchangeables and like those much better. I also have several of Knitpicks circs and Addis.

:heart: :heart: :heart: My Denises’… I like the feel of resin/ plastic :teehee: … it’s not cold like metal(IMHO) and it’s not hard~~
I sprung for Denises’ back in Sept… I have been using them ever since~~!! Love em’
the only time I have used straights since is when my DB and his wife gave me Boye’s 13/17/ straights and lovely YARN~!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug:

I think I will order the Knit Picks Options after I get home tomorrow and can add some cash to my prepaid credit card. I looked at the Turbos and Denise (I’m not a fan of plastic), and decided the Options kit would be the best bet for me.

I will definitely go the additional express shipping as I would like to get them while I am home this week.

Thanks for all the advice.



One thing to consider is that the options are so smooth it is easier to lose stitches on them until you get used to them. The Denise needles are a wonderful in between when it comes to needles because they are still nice and smooth but there is just enough cling to them to keep them from dropping stitches easily. I never would have sold mine if I wasn’t wanting a thinner cord (and i already knew i loved the metal needles.)

Ok, ok…resin. (Fancy plastic) :rofl:

:grrr: :fingerwag:


Boye cables can be stiff at first, but they straighten out some with use, and putting into hot water. I bought a cable and tips for the interchangeable set and the cable had a big U in it. Ran it under really hot water, pulled out straight, then cooled and it only has a circular curve in it now. I never had the problem with the older ones, but they were very thing and a couple have broken, so they must have decided to make them sturdier.


BrendaJos~ Thank you for clarifying that point~~!!
I now am more informed about the difference b/w plastic and resin~! :happydance: :happydance:
I STILL LOVE MY DENISES’ :heart: :cheering: :heart: :cheering:


I actually tried a plastic needle when i first started knitting. If that had been the very first needle i had ever used i would likely have not continued knitting…it was :!!!: TERRRRRRRRRIBLE!


If you are used to the aluminum Boyes I don’t think you’ll have much issues with dropping stitches with the slippery KP Options. I went from Boyes circs to KP’s with no probs, they aren’t really that much more slippery, at least to me. Enjoy them!

[b][color=indigo]I have the Boye’s Needlemaster set and the cables are stiffer than Denise’s but not curls in them.

I know the regular Boyes, if stored curled with retain their curliness longer. I store my regular circulars hanging over a narrow tube (part of the floor lamp I have). I think that has a lot to do with permanently working the curls out…[/color][/b]

I’m not a fan of the Boye’s circular or the Susan Bates because on the needles, there is a wierd little curve, like a small “L” shape and I HATE that thing!!! I actually prefer bamboo circular needles - they are very straight. That’s just what works for me.