Boye Cable Hack

For those of you who have experience with using the Boye cables people have made out of weed trimmer line, are the hack cables flexible, are they flexible enough for magic loop? Also, do the tips come unscrewed from the cables like I’ve read the original cables do?

I would think the thinner weed trimmer line would be fairly flexible. Don’t know about the tips coming off, that would be a factor of tightening them enough. You have to use the little key that comes with them, or a paper clip to make sure they’re tight enough.

The “Operation Room” over at Raverly discusses making cables for the Boye needlemasters. You might want to look at the options over there.

Is there a way I can view that page from Raverly without a Raverly account?

Nope, but it’s free to sign up, should get approval within an hour or so.